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Stacii Jae Johnson is a dynamic love coach, she is able to listen to your problem, unpack it, make you aware of the part you play/played in the relationship and give you quick tools to overcome, identify and improve/enhance your outcome. In just 30 minutes she was able to identify what I was doing that may not have warranted the results that I really was looking to achieve and show me a different way to approach the situation to get the desired result but didn't quite know how to get. She doesn't point fingers at you she just provides course correction and if applied properly it will change your life. You don't know what you don't know. The session was impactful & practical, now it's time to put what I learned into practice.

- Chantelle Cotton (Just Love Advice, Coaching Client)
Talking to Stacii was like talking to a old friend that wants to see you win. She gave me some honest advice that can only make me a better communicator, in all relationships not just men. Thank you Stacii it was an awesome 30mins.

- KaMaura Eley (Just Love Advice, Coaching Client)
First let me start by saying I am so grateful for the counseling experience with you. My marriage hasn’t been the best lately and my first 60 minute session was phenomenal in every way. You helped my husband learn something new about me and also you helped me realize things I need to work on myself. I can not wait until my next session with you because your extremely knowledgeable about relationships and your not bias whatsoever so both me and my husband feel comfortable speaking to you. I want to end this review by saying it’s funny how my husband didn’t think relationship counseling was worth It but you were able to get him to hear you and for that - I Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Kenroy & Benashia(Director of Brand Strategy, BlackPeopleMeet.Com)
“Wow, to say under promise but over deliver that was just an understatement. One of the best things that we can do is to invest in not only our growth in business but also our growth in personal development and healing. This has been one of the most rewarding investments I have ever made. Stacii is not only real she is wise beyond her years. As a MAN I did not know what to expect and I am glad that I had an open mind and heart because Stacii had me focused and receiving this wisdom in minutes. I strongly encourage anyone especially my fellow MEN to reach out to Stacii, you will not be disappointed whatsoever. Thank You So Much Stacii, I am looking forward to many more discussions.

- Marquis Jones (Just Love Advice, Coaching Client)
I am so motivated! I wasn’t sure what to expect with my call with Staci. She listened to me, asked plenty of questions to figure out what my issues are and what is getting in my way. She was so lively and fun. I found myself opening oil to her. By the end of the call, I had three assignments and am feeling like there is hope for me in finding love. I am so glad I had this call with Staci. Now, I’m off to do my homework so I can put the suggestions in action. I highly recommend having a session with Stacii! Like, now! I am definitely scheduling another session.

- ChaChanna S. (Just Love Advice, Coaching Clients)
“What an experience... just when you think you know it all, you have life all figured out yet somethings are not working in your favor... you have a person like Stacii that appears and within 5 mins is able to touch on some important life hacks that can improve your relationships and really make you re-evaluate yourself. She knows how to evaluate your circumstances with very important key information that you share with her. I was amazed at some of the things we talked about and how it seemed she was in my head. As I approach this new way of thinking and improving myself - I will definitely continue to praise Stacii for her insight.

- Venus W. (Just Love Advice, Coaching Client)
"As a single woman, I'm often discouraged by the dating advice for singles, however, after reading 'Date Girl,' I am inspired! The book combines humor with a serious, thought-provoking, realistic approach to "dating." I am recommending the book for everyone especially young adult women! Her advice is practical, hopeful and fun to read! Highly recommended!

- Quisa Foster,(Chief Communications Officer, F2 Communications Group)
I had my first relationship session with Stacii Jae Johnson last night. I was extremely pleased. She is easy to talk to and is committed to helping me achieve my goal. I appreciate her taking the time to learn about me and how I function so that we can be in alignment as we work together. I love that our conversation is goal oriented. It is work but doesn’t feel like it while we’re engaged. I am looking forward continuing this part of my journey with her. She is truly a blessing! Stacii Jae Johnson thank you for being such an amazing vessel and saying yes to being used to help others embrace God given love.

- Deidra Hankerson (Just Love Advice, Coaching Client)
Stacii is a true God send. Five minutes into our first session I knew that she would be able to help me in taking my life to the next level in relationships, which in turn will help all areas of my life. There were laughs, tears and introspection all in the first session. The thing that sticks out the most is her genuineness, she heard beyond the surface of what I was saying and kept it real with me. I am excited to move forward and work with Stacii to get all that God has for me. "I can meet and receive healthy love from wherever I am. had my first relationship session with Stacii Jae Johnson last night. I was extremely pleased. She is easy to talk to and is committed to helping me achieve my goal.

- Monique L. (Just Love Advice, Coaching Client)
Today, I had my first session w/ Stacii and I am truly at a loss for words! From the first minute down to the last, our session was literally like food to my entire soul! It’s amazing how much she was able to tell me about myself; it’s almost as if she’d known me for years! Stacii rebuilt, restored and motivated me, not only about dating but about life in general and I’m so very grateful to her! Talking to her felt like I was speaking to a best friend, a family member and a supporting motivator all in one! Today might’ve been my first session but it will not be my last; my spirit and my soul now craves the nourishment that Stacii provided me with! She told me what I NEEDED to hear, not what I wanted to hear and again, I’m so grateful! Thank you so much, Stacii! You’ve changed my outlook on dating, relationships, marriage and life in general and I can’t wait until our next session!

- Andria (Just Love Advice, Coaching Client)
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